Is your cat a total beast with strangers?

Owning a cat is wonderful. It’s funny, soft, unexpected and can cuddle and show you the love you deserve. It’s also very independent, which is nice because in the end, you also need your time alone! But what happens when it comes to cat-sitting? Well, that’s a different story…

The cat behavior varies among breeds, social backgrounds and individuals. Therefore, the coolest cat can become a cruel beast when interacting with strangers, I experienced it myself! A couple of months ago, my neighbor was out for a couple of days and she had asked me to go to her place every day to feed her cat. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. The cat hated me. I had a hard time filling up its food plate without being attacked, my cuddle attempts resulted in scratches all over my face and it decided to escape out of the window when I got in one day.


So that’s me cuddling a cat. You see?! Cats love me!

I mean, what’s the deal? I grew up with cats and I like them very much. I know how to get them to like me, as I let them smell my hand and I only touch the “OK” zones. According to my little research, some cats may have a lack of socialization, and this starts back when the cat is only a small kitten. Also, cats are all about protecting their territory. It didn’t recognize my smell and therefore I was a threat. That might be one other reason why it was so aggressive.

If your cat is also acting the same with strangers, here are some tips to make the pet-sitting experience easier for the pet-sitter or any other individual.



Have you ever noticed that cats like to rub their face on people’s hands. Actually, what happens here is that the cat is spreading its special facial pheromones. When your cat doesn’t like unknown individuals, the trust and secure relation can be created using Felifriend. It’s similar to those facial pheromones left on beings. Sprayed on your hand, the cat will be more inclined to approach you and treat you like somebody it already knows.


But, wait a minute. Cats also like to rub the corner of their mouth to walls in the house and furniture. It again makes it feel safe and in a secure and known environment. Now, imagine your cat goes to a new home for a couple of weeks while you are on holidays. Well, the cat will probably be really scared since there will be no spread pheromones around this new place.

By the same company as Felifriend, Feliway is also a replication of these pheromones. It recreates the very specific smell that makes cats feel at home again. Use it as a spray or as a diffuser, it will be of great help.


Now let us know what you think, we as pet lovers, want the best for our cats. So you are welcome to share other good tips!


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