heypet starts up with handcraft Bcards!

When it comes to business cards, startups are usually full of nice and innovative ideas. The new standard is basically: don’t use standards! At heypet, we did a lot of research to define our business card design. Of course we are faced with basic beginning startup concerns:

  • Little money (I mean very little)
  • Aim to be different
  • Have fun
  • KISS

Little money

How to spend as little as possible, and still get good results. That’s the deal right? Called a friend, got 500 plain bcards for free… Reuse, reduce, recycle!

Aim to be different

So, how can we do it differently? That was a hard one, because nowadays, it really feels like all has been done. So what we did has definitely been done, and many small businesses probably do the same now, but we don’t care.

You want to know what it is? Simple, we decided not to print the bcards and instead use other techniques…

Have fun

That’s when the fun begins. Our art dude designed some stamps and got them created by a small shop that does very professional work, the whole thing costs less that 100 printed bcards! I couldn’t be happier (refer to “little money”).

Do you remember your childhood memories, using those stamps everywhere in your school agenda? Well, I do.


Keep it simple stupid… Easy to say, hard to do! The last problem we faced was: “how are we going to personalize the cards?” I mean, we will NOT make a stamp for each team member, that would be ridiculous… So what’s the simplest stupid easy thing most people can do? Write down their own name. I asked the team, they said they could manage that one!

Here’s the result! Hope you like it, post your comments and share!


Look at those small imperfections of the stamping process… amazing!

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