Heypet is one of the 10 most promising pet startups to come!


We at heypet are proud to be considered as one of the 10 startups to keep an eye on in Europe, related to pet care.
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Here’s a little more information about us.

Heypet launches the first online platform with the aim to be THE online service provider for pet lovers all across Europe.

Release date: beta version 30.07.2016

The Berlin-based startup, heypet.me, just launched during a pet friendly event, hosted by their team, welcoming around 200 pet lovers from all over the city, to celebrate their pets and get info about Heypet and partners.

On July 30th, heypet.me became accessible to the public, with the release of its 2 first main services. The first service, a peer-to-peer pet-sitting platform that eases the communication between pet-sitters and pet owners, all over the city. The second service, World of Pets, is the collection of all the heypet pet profiles where users can get to know the other pets, share pictures, and see pet-sitting activities. Both services are completely free of charge.

“ Heypet is based on what pet owners and pet lovers want. Everything made easy on one platform, a great community of people sharing the same interest: pets.” — Jean-Christophe Meillaud, CEO

At a time where there is almost 200M pets in Europe, the pet care market size is constantly growing (4 yr CAGR of almost 6%), with 4,6B € in 2015. Heypet decided to follow this great vibe as there is, today, no big European leader in the online pet service market.

A fragmented offer on a former niche sector is what Heypet calls a great opportunity.

“Pet care is no longer a niche anymore. Everybody loves pets, just look at the cat and dog gifs all over the Internet. And still, there is simply no online platform that has it ALL for pets and that everybody knows about. And that’s where we come in.” Meggie, CEO

Heypet’s concept won the first prize during the Startup Weekend in Budapest in Nov. 2014. Since then, the 2 co-founders teamed up with some skilled people all over the world to build this platform with love and devotion. Meggie, CEO, is a former change management consultant and a freelance product owner. As for the CTO, Jean-Christophe Meillaud, he has more that 20 years of experience in development and team management, and has been cruising the startup industry since 6 years. They are working together for more than 3 years.

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